Young Beautiful in a Hurry

Young Beautiful in a Hurry is a band dedicated to bringing you all-organic, free-range, thoroughbred rock/pop, with an infusion of glam, you haven’t heard this side of the late 70s.


Ladies and Gentlemen, 

as we gear up for Monday’s inaugural show at the Troubadour (details to follow), it occurred to me I never posted the totally rockin’ pics for our totally rockin’ House of Blues show all the way back in September. 

Check it:

Myself…and I must say I make pink look good…or visa versa. 

Sam Beaumier!

I like this picture of Merrick because he looks like a scientist. And science is awesome. 

This is a classic Bryan pose, his epic gaze into the rafters. 

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Onto more pressing matters!

This coming Monday, December 12th, Young Beautiful in a Hurry will be teaming up with our friends Stage 11, Elyse & the Aftermath, Solaz, Bella Novela and XyZyX, to host an evening of charity, and rock and roll music.  

Tickets are $10 at the door, but if you bring any non-perishable food item or a toy, you get raffle tickets to win UNBEWIEBABLE prizes! 

The music starts at 8! Please come out and get a little Holiday jolt from yours trulies.

Young Beautiful in a Hurry 

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