Young Beautiful in a Hurry

Young Beautiful in a Hurry is a band dedicated to bringing you all-organic, free-range, thoroughbred rock/pop, with an infusion of glam, you haven’t heard this side of the late 70s.


Aloha Heros and Do-Gooders, 

as some of you may already know, The Show Must Go On has come and gone. 

This was a concert dedicated to the wonderful memory of Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of Queen. It was also an Aids Project Los Angeles fund raiser, and I must confess, it was a fantastic night to remember. For those of you who missed it, here is a small smattering of photos from the evening. I’m sure video and or audio will be popping up here very soon. Until then:

This is me looking rather iconic if I may dare say so…myself. 

Me again. Rad. 

This is Joe Travers on drums. Easily one of the greatest drummers on planet earth. And an all around good person to boot. 

Ben Thomas and Raya Yarbrough on backing vocals. Not pictured here is Kara Shaw and Felice Hernandez. Yes it does take at least 4 backing vocals to come close to what was on the original records…and it was worth it. 

My brother Bear on keys. What people don’t realize or appreciate as much about Queen, is first and foremost, they were a piano rock band. A vast percentage of their catalogue is piano driven rock, with flurries of guitar which is what everyone remembers. So Bear had his work cut out for him. He also went the extra mile and used some incredibly intricate samples to emulate some of the wacky synths they had on their studio albums. Most notoriously the ascending and descending power synths from Play the Game. 

Pete Griffin on bass. This guy is the real deal. With him supporting the band on the low end, the gig was easy. A fantastic musician!

This is Mike Keneally, and if you had to sum him up in a sentence, he’s a Man, a Myth, and a Legend, though not necessarily in that order. Watching this guy play guitar should be considered a wonder of the world. 

Brendon Small (the world class guitarist and songwriter behind the band Dethklok) was one of the founding fathers of the project. We were jamming in his studio earlier on in the spring when he launched into “It’s Late”. It then dawned on me that a Queen show collaboration ought to be in the works. 

Rick Musallam was the third and final guitarist brought in to flesh out the incredibly intricate and beautiful guitar harmonies from the magical mind of Brian May. Watching Rick, Brendon, and Mike pluck these harmonies out of thin air was a marvel. Not to mention the 3 part harmonized Bohemian Rhapsody solo. Fricking incredible. 

Lastly I would like to mention this jersey. I had this custom made for the show. It is a 2011 World Cup UK jersey. I got the UK jersey simply because that is where Queen got their start before taking over the world. I did however look for a Zanzibar or Tanzanian jersey (which is where Freddie was born) but could find none. I got the jersey from They told me they could only do 9 characters on the back, and I am greatly appreciative, because after I told them why I needed Mr. Fahrenheit across the back of the jersey, they made an exception. 


Pound for pound the show was amazing. I’ve never seen so many thoroughly happy people in one room before. The whole night was a love bath. I don’t want to make any promises, but it may become an annual thing. So perhaps we’ll be seeing you all again next year…afterall, The Show Must Go On.


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