Young Beautiful in a Hurry

Young Beautiful in a Hurry is a band dedicated to bringing you all-organic, free-range, thoroughbred rock/pop, with an infusion of glam, you haven’t heard this side of the late 70s.

I Don’t Want to Die a Virgin

Hello dear Interwebs and fans of YBH, 

In case you hadn’t seen it, we have produced our first music video entitled (as the title of this blog entry suggests) I Don’t Want to Die a Virgin. Which you can watch HERE or in the blog entry below. 

This song was written for director Joe Lynch’s film, Zom-B Movie, just one part of the infamous horror anthology film, CHILLERAMA (which Brendan actually stars in)… The video was featured during the end credits as a sort of aperetif to the very savory imagery portrayed on screen. If you are a fan of the horror genre, or a fan of YBH or both, it may be worth your time to see this debaucherous honorarium to drive in B-rated horror schlocky goodness!

The story behind this video is quite fantastic actually. Joe Lynch, the aforementioned director, called us on Saturday, and said he needed something for the end credits of the film. By Sunday, the concept was in place, which was: what if Brendan was playing the song, and a bunch of zombies came and ate the band? Hilarity ensues! 

Ward Roberts and Deric Hughes aka Boom Mic Operator and Zombie

By Tuesday evening the video was shot. In total, we took maybe 4 hours at the most to shoot it. A good friend graciously donated his downtown loft as a location, which worked out perfectly because the walls were tiled in a sort of old timey mental hospital sort of way…very chique. We rehearsed the shots, and performed the song for a total of probably 10 takes. Obviously, this isn’t representative of the whole band. Sadly, Merrick and Sam couldn’t make it due to the short notice of the thing. But Bryan made it, and did so with flying colors. He stole the show completely, as evidenced by these incredible screen caps. 

The best part of Bryan’s performance in addition to being hilarious, if you look closely, he keeps playing the drums even as he’s being dragged to the floor and eaten alive. What a trooper. 

In addition to Bryan plus a ton of zombies, we brought in some beautiful ladies to sing the backing vocals whom many of you may recognize:

Magda Apanowicz about to be eaten by a very luck Michael Beach, zombie extraordinaire. 

The infamously talented singer Raya Yarbrough joined in the excitement, also being eaten by a very lucky Michael Beach, with an assist from Deric Hughes.

Bear McCreary (Brendan’s brother) set off on his directorial maiden voyage for the video…and did a knock out job of it.

Joe Lynch also showed up and “Director of Photographied” for us, and it was splendid! 

This was Brendan’s favorite part of the video. Though getting eaten by zombies is not a fantasy of his, he says it was pretty surreal singing and emoting with all those creepy hands surrounding him. However, cleaning the chocolate syrup (which we used for blood) out of his shirt was no easy task.



PS: I Don’t Want to Die a Virgin is not so coincidentally featured, as the opening track to the Zom-B Movie soundtrack…not so coincidentally written by Brendan McCreary’s brother, Bear McCreary! It is also not so coincidentally available for purchase, exclusively on iTunes! Check out the Zom-B Movie soundtrack here!

Young Beautiful in a Hurry’s debut video: I Don’t Want to Die a Virgin



there comes a time in every band’s life, that the music goes from art…TO WAR! That is right, its time for a rock and roll battle. Typically, the battle is on stage, but in this case, the battle is virtual. That’s right, this battle takes place online, and only the top 5 bands with the most votes gets to compete in the physical battle of the bands. What is the ultimate payoff you ask? We’re competing for a slot at USC’s Spring Fest 2012.
If you could take a few moments out of your busy day, and vote for YBH, it would mean a lot us, and possibly provide us with an avenue to play the biggest annual event at USC…ever!
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Many sincerest thanks in advance, and happy 2012!


Ladies and Gentlemen, 

as we gear up for Monday’s inaugural show at the Troubadour (details to follow), it occurred to me I never posted the totally rockin’ pics for our totally rockin’ House of Blues show all the way back in September. 

Check it:

Myself…and I must say I make pink look good…or visa versa. 

Sam Beaumier!

I like this picture of Merrick because he looks like a scientist. And science is awesome. 

This is a classic Bryan pose, his epic gaze into the rafters. 

To see more pics check out our Facebook page HERE. Don’t forget to like…Like us…

Onto more pressing matters!

This coming Monday, December 12th, Young Beautiful in a Hurry will be teaming up with our friends Stage 11, Elyse & the Aftermath, Solaz, Bella Novela and XyZyX, to host an evening of charity, and rock and roll music.  

Tickets are $10 at the door, but if you bring any non-perishable food item or a toy, you get raffle tickets to win UNBEWIEBABLE prizes! 

The music starts at 8! Please come out and get a little Holiday jolt from yours trulies.

Young Beautiful in a Hurry 

Ladies and Gentlemen, 

presenting Young Beautiful in a Hurry’s latest single: Don’t Stop Me Now!

Its available for FREE.99 exclusively at BANDCAMP.COM!


RIP Freddie Mercury. 


Aloha Heros and Do-Gooders, 

as some of you may already know, The Show Must Go On has come and gone. 

This was a concert dedicated to the wonderful memory of Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of Queen. It was also an Aids Project Los Angeles fund raiser, and I must confess, it was a fantastic night to remember. For those of you who missed it, here is a small smattering of photos from the evening. I’m sure video and or audio will be popping up here very soon. Until then:

This is me looking rather iconic if I may dare say so…myself. 

Me again. Rad. 

This is Joe Travers on drums. Easily one of the greatest drummers on planet earth. And an all around good person to boot. 

Ben Thomas and Raya Yarbrough on backing vocals. Not pictured here is Kara Shaw and Felice Hernandez. Yes it does take at least 4 backing vocals to come close to what was on the original records…and it was worth it. 

My brother Bear on keys. What people don’t realize or appreciate as much about Queen, is first and foremost, they were a piano rock band. A vast percentage of their catalogue is piano driven rock, with flurries of guitar which is what everyone remembers. So Bear had his work cut out for him. He also went the extra mile and used some incredibly intricate samples to emulate some of the wacky synths they had on their studio albums. Most notoriously the ascending and descending power synths from Play the Game. 

Pete Griffin on bass. This guy is the real deal. With him supporting the band on the low end, the gig was easy. A fantastic musician!

This is Mike Keneally, and if you had to sum him up in a sentence, he’s a Man, a Myth, and a Legend, though not necessarily in that order. Watching this guy play guitar should be considered a wonder of the world. 

Brendon Small (the world class guitarist and songwriter behind the band Dethklok) was one of the founding fathers of the project. We were jamming in his studio earlier on in the spring when he launched into “It’s Late”. It then dawned on me that a Queen show collaboration ought to be in the works. 

Rick Musallam was the third and final guitarist brought in to flesh out the incredibly intricate and beautiful guitar harmonies from the magical mind of Brian May. Watching Rick, Brendon, and Mike pluck these harmonies out of thin air was a marvel. Not to mention the 3 part harmonized Bohemian Rhapsody solo. Fricking incredible. 

Lastly I would like to mention this jersey. I had this custom made for the show. It is a 2011 World Cup UK jersey. I got the UK jersey simply because that is where Queen got their start before taking over the world. I did however look for a Zanzibar or Tanzanian jersey (which is where Freddie was born) but could find none. I got the jersey from They told me they could only do 9 characters on the back, and I am greatly appreciative, because after I told them why I needed Mr. Fahrenheit across the back of the jersey, they made an exception. 


Pound for pound the show was amazing. I’ve never seen so many thoroughly happy people in one room before. The whole night was a love bath. I don’t want to make any promises, but it may become an annual thing. So perhaps we’ll be seeing you all again next year…afterall, The Show Must Go On.


5 Dollar cover for the House of Blues?!

5 BUCKS + 1?!

Whosoever plans on coming to our inaugural performance at the House of Blues, opening for Steel Panther next Monday night (labor day) prepare to rejoice! 

We have just received word there is an unlimited $5+1 list!!

What this means exactly is thus:

You send your full name to this email address:

As a direct result you will be on a list, that gets you into the HOB LA for 5 dollars. But wait there’s more!

Not only you, but a friend will get in for 5 bucks too. That’s your +1. However, don’t try to be sneaky and bring a +2 or +3…because they might taze you. (that’s not true…but it only works for a +1 okay?)

Once again, send your full name to…

…and you and a pal can slide into a night of raucous rock/pop/metal for only 5 measly bucks. 

That’s all you gotta’ do! Can’t wait to see you all there. 


$15/$5 (with the $5 deal) :: 18+ 

Love YBH.

PS. If you’re extra savvy, you might find the 8 dollar parking just 2 blocks away on La Cienega right before Sunset. Its 20 at the HOB. But you didn’t hear that from us. *winky face*

PPS. Bring earplugs. Preferably these: ETYMOTICS

Fancy Photoshoot No. 1

Ladies and Gents, 

to celebrate our inaugural performance at the House of Blues Los Angeles next Monday (Labor Day), we are releasing our first ever…band photo shoot. Awwwwwww…

Yes its true. Here for the first time you will see all of us in one place, without the grimaced and pained expressions of playing live music, but rather, looking cool, cool, really cool, as they say. 

Please enjoy:

Titillating nes pas?

This photo is lewd and borderline offensive. I would have never thought to do something so crass as grab my junk and flip off the camera without incessant goading from our photographer Andrew Craig. But that’s rock & roll babies. Also, Bryan’s disapproving gaze is classic, while Sam appears to be enjoying my less then tasteful antics, and Merrick just gazing epic-ish-ly off into the distance. Well, its just all to funny really. Moving onward…

Huzzah! While everyone’s expression here is priceless…I must say Sam steals the show. 

Everybody smiling. That’s so nice. 

Bryan Taylor. 

Myself…Brendan McCreary. 

Sam Beumier.

Merrick Mosst.

So that’s all for now friends and countrymen. Can’t wait to play the House of Blues LA on Labor Day, and can’t wait to see you there either! Here’s the info:

Monday September 5th @ 9PM sharp
$15 :: 18+ 

Get tickets here!!

Sign the Facebook invite!

Big love!

Crossin’ that bridge with both feet on fire

Ahoy YBHers,

for those of you who have purchased a physical CD, either at a show or online, you may have noticed a picture lurking beneathe the CD itself. It looks a little something like this:

There are a few things I’d like to specify in reference to this image.

#1. You may notice the sole person occupying this photo is myself, frontman Brendan McCreary. Around the time we were taking these photos, the CD design was well under way, this was around August of 2010, but the personell of the band hadn’t yet matured to its current touring capacity. We (Bryan Taylor [drums]) and myself were going through bass players left and right, trying to find the perfect fit, eventually very comfortably settling on Sam Beumier for bass, and Merrick Mosst on keys. I didn’t want a photo of an incomplete band on the record, so we decided to stick my ugly mug on there for the first pressing, and for the 2nd, get a bonafied band photo ready to go.


#2. That is REAL FIRE. Not photoshop fire.  The original concept I cooked up was to have a bouquet of poppies in one hand, and both my feet be ablaze. These things would represent two of my favorite lyrics off the record (if you listen, its not hard to figure which ones) At the time, poppies were out of season, so that fell through, but when photographer Andrew Craig said he knew of several ways of lighting shoes on fire for real without permanently damaging the wearer, I leapt at the chance. I wanted to do something legit for my debut record, and what could be more legit then lighting yourself on fire. I will spare you the details as to how we did it, because that would ruin the magic, but I will say, that trying to model and look super cool for the camera is extremely difficult when your shoes are lit up. Here are some highlights:

I drove around town trying to find some dingy/gritty places and I found two excellent spots. The first was in east LA underneath the 7th street bridge.

The second was an aquaduct in the LA river…

What you can’t see clearly is all the overhanging vines obscuring the entrance to the tunnel, nor all the graffiti on the walls. Also, it doesn’t look like it, but the jump to get down there was about 8-10 feet. So we had to scramble like crazy to get back up.

We only used the one photo for the inside of the record but here are a few more highlights:

I really loved this location. But it was just too brite out, and the sun kept obscuring the fire!

This is inside the tunnel. Check out all the awesome graffiti.

As you can see the flames are quite small on this take. We would light the shoes up, and get a pretty decent fire going, but after a few seconds the flames would start to die out. This was a relief but made for a lot of wasted photos. Sometimes the wind would blow the fire straight at my shoe and it would burn like hell.

At the end of the shoot I decided to prance around the tunnel with my shirt off, mercifully without any pyrotechnics involved. This was a very candid and honest smile Andrew grabbed, I also love the contrast in colors behind me.

So you may also have noticed the super glam makeup adorning my beautiful mug in these shots, and that was concocted by this lovely lady:

One miss Wendy Jean. She came over that morning and asked me what I wanted to do, and I probably said, “I dunno…something with glitter,” or words to that effect and BLAMMO! That’s what I got. It was pretty incredible walking around town with all that glitter on my face. I love glitter, mainly because of Tom Cruise in Legend…

Its not clear from this picture, but he is super glittery throughout the entire movie. Okay…moving right along.

Other behind the scenes highlights include:

As the picture suggests, dear Wendy and a good friend Matthew were charged with the grotesque responsibility of actually lighting me on fire for each take. This was extraordinarily challenging because something (naturally) would go wrong. One of the lighters wouldn’t work, or someone would light the wick while the other didn’t. Sometimes too much lighter fluid would have been applied and all of a sudden my feet would blow up. It was madness. The set up per take was like 10-20 minutes for maybe 2-3 minutes of fire. Here’s another:

Myself and photographer Andrew Craig exchanging ideas while Albert (who frequently plays acoustic guitar and sings backup with us) readied the moving blankets in case I caught fire. After a few takes it became obvious just how absurdly flammable I was, and Albert would douse my shoes and pants in water before we lit them on fire again. That helped a lot. Like so:

A pensive moment. Barbara our merch maestro and eventual road manager was the one sneaking all these behind the scenes shots.

Everyone had their job. Matthew’s (at left) was to light me up, Andrew’s was to photograph, and Albert was our “in-case-of-emergency” man.

Scoping out the graffiti.

I just really like Albert’s face in this photo.


And that just about wraps it up.

Ladies and Gentlemen, if you haven’t done so already, please check out the Young Beautiful in a Hurry debut record. Its available on iTunes amongst many other online retailers, but you can listen to full length previews here:

Physical CDs and merch are also available. I have received word from many satisfied customers, that the t-shirts are super comfy, and look effin’ sexy as all get out. Would you believe me if I said we grew the cotton ourselves? Alright fine…its American Apparell. Sheesh.

Until next time my friends, stay YBH.


Amen my friend,
don’t you lose your desire.
Crossin’ that bridge,
with both feet on fire…


PS. As a final note, I would like to give a shout out and special thanks in memorium to Jenny, who had met her tragic end at our first location:

It kind of felt a little strange doing our glammy glam photo shoot where someone (Jenny) had died, so I thought we should photograph her sign and pay tribute, but that was all. But when Jenny decided to visit us at our second location…

Eerily coincidental, I knew we had to give her a special place on the record. So for those of you lucky enough to own a physical CD, perhaps you can find our little tribute to dearly departed Jenny Martinez. Rest in peace Jenny!

Young Beautiful in a Hurry

—Dynamite Cover Sketch

DYNAMITE COVER SKETCH :: Hello Boy’s & Girls, today I’d like to share with you 2 things. The first is an mp3 of a quick sketch of YBH’s cover of Dynamite, and the second is a brief glimpse into how something like this gets translated from Taio Cruz’s original, into YBH’s version. 

To begin with its just an idea. I had heard this song at a wrap party for a TV show, and in a club setting it was pretty amazing. It had sort of a dream-weaver quality to it for some reason or another. I had never heard it before so I SHAZAMMED it…and SHAZAM! It was Dynamite. I could not have prepared myself for how awful it sounded outside of a noisy party environment though. It’s hyper compressed, Taio’s voice is auto-tuned into a starchy digital oblivion, and all the synth’s are out of the can, and entirely cheap sounding. It occurred to me that a jam like this could use a rock and roll facelift. 

So I sat down and learned the song. For anyone who’s interested the chords are C#m - B - E - A give or take a few subtleties here and there. From there, in order to give the band a reasonable image of what it could sound like, before we rehearse, I do a quick throw down in Pro-Tools, and record everything as quickly as possible. 

Everything is essentially 1 take. The bass and drums are synth, and everything else I recorded in my bed room in less then 2 hours. Oh the wondrous power of digital recording. 

In no way should this be considered a final product, just a sketch. Perhaps one day this will make its way onto a YBH album of some kind…until then, enjoy.

Love, Brendan